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Stories have been told since the dawn of time, from our infancy right through adulthood we’ve all been captivated by a great story. We remember information in a far clearer way when it is presented to us in the form of a story rather than plain old statistics. Great stories are an experience which fascinate and excite the audience, they give a narrative which communicates ideas, educates and entertains. Everybody has a story to tell and your brand is no different.

Telling the story of your brand isn’t about fabricating a tale for your next advertisement or marketing campaign, it’s about consistency. Providing consistent and inspiring content allows the customer to build a clear image of what your company and brand stands for, it’s promises and reason for being. This brand narrative needs to be seen clearly and consistently across all touchpoints entwining the story into the customer experience.

That very experience should connect the hearts and minds of your customer to the brand emotionally. If you’re telling a great story which fulfils the customers needs, then you will unquestionably see an increase in engagement and sales.

How do we tell a great brand story?

The same principles of traditional storytelling apply to brand storytelling. The brands reason for being, it’s vision and goals form the architecture of the story, this you must focus on at the expense of everything else, the entire story will revolve around and support these brand ideals. The success of the story will be dictated by how clearly and consistently the narrative communicates this.

As with a traditional story your brand story should keep moving forward, it should have its highs, it’s lows and create tension and intrigue along the way and it’s ending must be fulfilling to the customer or you are not delivering with your brand promises.

We’ll use our own brand as a brief example here:

Our story is about the journey. The hero to take you on that journey is Old Red, the strong, wise, loyal and determined old elephant. The damsel in distress ‘insert your design and brand here’. The outcome, your transformation and the birth of a new story… because every great story has a spin off, right?

We tell the above story day in day out, the narrative weaves throughout every aspect of the brand from how we look to how we speak, sometimes quite subtle, sometimes quite intense, but it’s always there, most notably in Old Red.

Think of it like a movie score, you’ll hear the main theme in all its glory at the beginning of the movie, and that theme will be present throughout, at times so subtle it’s barely noticeable and others intense and moving. Both entirely different instances of conveying the emotions and feelings of the story, but both equally successful in conveying the desired message and carrying you through to the fulfilling ending.

To summarise, your brand story should tell the customer your reason for being and why. It should convey the messages of what you do, fulfil the needs of your customer, answer their questions, connect emotionally, inspire, excite & encourage them to buy in and at this endpoint provide fulfilment in what they receive.

Tell a great story.

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