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A lot of the work we undertake takes time to come to fruition so it’s really great when we can give you insight into a brand success story, a journey we’ve started and shaped. This case study is about the wonderful and extremely talented HS Hair & Beauty.

Back in early 2016 we we’re approached by HS Hair & Beauty,  who by their own admission were in desperate need of a refresh, but really didn’t know what it was they wanted to be or where to start with a rebranding exercise.

From a creative point of view it was bittersweet, a difficult brief due to little direction, yet the perfect brief having complete free reign. We started by sitting down with HS Hair & Beauty and helped to identify who it was they currently were and who they wanted to be, outlining their point of difference and brand values.

It was from this initial consultation that we were able to define a destination and accurately review the segment of the marketplace HS Hair & Beauty would occupy.

We quickly identified that there was a real opportunity to create something unique, something which captivated the audience rather than getting lost amongst the cliche and similar journeys occupying their area of the marketplace.

HS Hair & Beauty are unique against their competitors in the sense that they not only offer stunning hair and makeup services but they also offer sfx makeup and costume design, a multi-faceted offering.

We took this multi-faceted aspect of the business along with the core notion that you will always have two looks when it comes to beauty; your natural look and your madeover look. We then reflected this via the use of sincere and beautiful quotes which say one thing upon first glance, yet read another upon closer inspection. Much like a beautiful woman or man for that matter they encourage you to stop and look twice.

Along with a new logo, the concept was accepted by HS Hair and Beauty without hesitation, and we developed it across all desired marketing materials & relevant touchpoints with strong use of imagery and a striking pink wash to really lift the message.

The brand was an instant success upon launch. Within the first week social media channels saw an increase of 300% in followers and likes, with similar figures continuing into subsequent weeks. Within the first 6 weeks HS Hair and Beauty were approached to supply hair styling services to MAC makeup within Fenwicks department store to launch their new ‘Vibe Tribe’ makeup line.

Within the first three months,  HS Hair and Beauty were fully booked into the first quarter of 2017, and very recently they have also secured their first international booking!

HS Hair and Beauty are a fine example of what a brand can achieve when beautiful design and clear, clever and consistent messaging are brought together to tell a distinctive, captivating and memorable story which connects with the hearts and minds of the customer. They’re also a great example that design and brand is an investment and not a cost.

HS Hair and Beauty have seen an ROI which far outweighs their initial investment only a year into their journey which by all means has only just begun.

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